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Bikram Yoga is for Superheros!
Written by Toy   
July 07, 2012
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Well, today I survived my very first Bikram (hot) yoga class...

Yes. All 90 minutes. All 26 poses (with only about 6-10 near death rest breaks).  And all without ACTUALLY dying.

Yay me.

Here is my "after" face----> Yell !!!!!!
Don't judge me or try to change my mind...
Just be here for me while I vent for a sec, ok? Cool.

The verdict-------------> I REALLY  @*&%in' HATE Hot Yoga.

...And Hot Pants. ...And Hot Pockets. Hot rods... Hot dogs... Hot tamales. Hot 97. Hot tubs. Hot toddies. Hot chocolate. Hot air balloons. Hot rollers. Hot springs. Hot sauce. Hot water. The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Stoves. The sun. Heaters...

ANY and EVERYTHING that reminds me of the 220+ degree, heart-baking, lung-boiling, eyeball parchin' trauma I suffered today.

OMG. I nearly died about 448 & 1/4 times. That was horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buuuuuut... in an awesomely empowering, healing, and refreshing kinda way actually....


Magically... right after the weakness, faintness, the trembling, and the hallucinations of being boiled alive in a cauldron of hot chicken grease and lava by none other than Satan himself...my body felt FRIKKIN' AMAZING!!!!!!!!  And now I am confused! Undecided

What I know for sure though, is: Bikram Yoga is not for punks! It is clearly for Superheroes (and people who hate themselves)... J/K! Wink

That said----I still HATE hot yoga. But it's kinda magical, and you know me and magic, so..... I think I'll be back tomorrow. Yell
Oops, I mean---> Smile

I guess.....  
We'll see. Stay tuned.



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