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THINK “FAST”: 5 Tips To Curb A Mental Meltdown While Fasting!!! O_o
Written by Toy   
October 12, 2012
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This post is brought to you from the pillowy bosoms of a feeling called Clarity, courtesy of my current 10-day fast…. I’m on the end of Day 5!!!!!! Cool *wild, roaring applause*

I’m in NO WAY trying to paint myself as an expert at this; only just started doing fasts a couple of years ago to break through some mental & emotional blocks, gain some discipline and improve my health. Before I got the hang of it, I'd always start off with good intentions; serious, determined, fired-up, even. But no matter how well I started, somewhere between the first and third days all hell would break loose. My mind would become chaotic, I would start to panic, contemplate giving up, and then the whole damned fast would start to look a little something like this picture, lol…


*Sigh* But today... Good ol’ clarity! Gotta admit I don’t always have it in abundance, but fasting usually brings it. And while I sit here feeling pretty darned good, I still can’t help but giggle at myself for some things that have gone through my head while trying to get through it.From the hardcore “LEMONADE-ONLY-NO-FOOD-ALLOWED-WHATSOEVER", lemon/cayenne /maple syrup-filled beautiful crazy madness that is the Master Cleanse... to the high energy/high discipline, green juice cleanses & detoxes-- I am finally learning to navigate the negative mental patterns and weaknesses successfully while fasting!


Disclaimer: I am NOT Dr. Oz... in any way, shape, form or fashion... in case you haven’t noticed. (Actually, I’m a little bit cuter.Embarassed) But do I really need a Ph.D and a hit show to share a few things that might help you through your fasting goals? So without further ado, here are a few mental tweaks that I use to get through a fast without quitting or cheating.


Tell yourself these 5 things whenever you feel like BOLTING:


1. “Dear Self, Don’t Panic! You’re not starving to death…”

Despite the desperate messages that your hollow belly is sending to your quivering backbone, a few days (or even weeks) of fasting is certainly not going to starve you into a early coffin. You are NOT starving. I know it may feel like it… but trust me (and Google will back me on this one) there is someone out there who has lasted longer trapped in the woods with no food and lived to tell about it. Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit for. Trust your body! And more importantly, remind yourself that THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! You will eat again, I promise-- just not right now, ok? lol. I always tell myself that. My empty stomach usually curses back at me... but after a while, it always comes around. Wink


2. “Dear Self,  It’s All in Your Head!" (…well almost all of it!)

Yes, hunger pangs & cravings are very real, but the rest of it—yeah, pretty much in your head. The trick is to keep your mind stimulated with other things.  Hey, this might be a good time to turn off the TV and pick up that new book if you’re feeling weak (food commercials are the devil.) Or, it may be a good time to start that exciting project you’ve been looking forward to? (Woo hoo! Crocheted and bedazzled zippered thongs with pockets!) Or, how about knocking out some home decluttering to go along with your body's decluttering? You know, like those dishes molding in the sink from that Last Supper-style meal you ate right before you started? Yeah, those. Surprised

Listen, success isn’t always fun, dear…


3. “Dear Self,  Now Is A Great Time to Reconnect With Nature!”

Typically you'll begin to experience a euphoric feeling after fasting for a few days, almost like a high! Take advantage of the bliss--outside!

Connecting with natural elements will help to center you and remind you of all the miracles existing around you, and inside you (healing). I don’t advise strolling down a busy block brewing with the scent of hot dogs and street meat, but a park, or a beach, or a scenic trail would be great! Take in the fresh air, sit and enjoy a fresh drink of water. Get quiet. Take a nap. Meditate. Pray. You may feel uncomfortable trying to focus when the desire for food is distracting you, but this is where the spirit is fed and the magic of fasting happens. This is REAL comfort food. Innocent


4. “Dear Self, Maybe We Should Keep This Fast Between Us…”

Yes you’re excited (or over it) and you want to tell the entire heaven and the underworld of the courageous feat you are about to undertake (or how badly you want to quit). But unless you're feeling 100% ON IT, IN IT, NOT GONNNA QUIT, NO WAY, NO HOW, NEVER-- don't share. That is, unless you are prepared for the resistance of people who don't/have never fasted (or don’t agree with it, for whatever reason.) If you need accountability partners, choose a few people you trust. If you decide to blast it to the general public (via social media or strangers you bump into outside of Burger King), just be ready for the windstorm that may follow. Some will say you’re crazy and try to talk you out of it, some will laugh, and some (without any real knowledge of what fasting is) will tell you how unhealthy it is to deny yourself food, all while ordering a pepperoni slice with extra cheese--(yes, that really happened yesterday, lol!). Unless you’re fasting with a partner, group, or talking to a trusted, supportive friend, focus INWARD. Again, that is unless you like the challenge of pessimists, know-it-alls and nay-sayers... then go right ahead. Otherwise, everyone will be just fine hearing all the exciting details after you’re DONE! Sealed


5. “Dear Self: You Can Do IT!”

Well, DUH! You can! But if all you’re saying out loud is “Ugghh, this is just too hard.. I can’t do this!”....well guess what?


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” Henry Ford


As a self-certified Food Pornologist and FOODIE QUEEN,  I had already made up my mind that I could NOT do it for years before I ever tried.

At first I couldn’t fathom the idea of not eating on purpose. The thought of denying myself a meal was cruel and unusual punishment in my head, which is precisely the reason I did it-- because it was all in my head! No, I’m not a glutton for punishment, but just the OPPOSITE! It is not a denial—but a discipline. The ultimate act of self-love.

I'd studied long on the mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of fasting before I started, so deep down I knew that this would make me stronger and healthier in every way. On top of the mental and spiritual benefits, it allows our bodies a chance to heal, rest and reset. Personally, it also helps me keep a rein on my curves. And some of the greatest benefits after several fasts were that it helped me understand the difference between hunger and cravings and it revealed the true nature of my up-and-down relationship with food.

Remind yourself that you are doing a great thing for your body. And remember that if you don’t encourage and believe in yourself throughout the duration of a fast, you won’t make it!


So now you've heard it-- rehearse it, print it out, post it on your fridge... hell, post it on your forehead! And the moment you feel like quitting:






*Oops... forgot my "!!!" as in "TOY !!!"...

Oh, and don’t mind the shaky signature… I’m a little hungry. LOL! Just kidding...Tongue out


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