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Oh LAWD! I've been "CUPPED"... O_o!!!
Written by Toy   
September 26, 2012
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Listen.... you can call me a whole lot of things.. but after yesterday, WIMP certainly ain't one of them.

Was on the spa table last night getting one of those eye-popping Brazilian waxes that I dread so much (as if that's not punishment enough, lol) when arm and neck pains started flaring from my recent Carpal Tunnel diagnosis. My trusted esthetician/waxer/friend Zori suggested that I see the doctor on site for a little acupuncture treatment. Sure enough, during his examination he discovered that, in addition to the Carpal Tunnel, I had also pulled muscles in my neck and lower back that were actually spasming!!!Cry Obviously, the Naproxen and wrist braces given previously by another doctor were not enough to heal the other conditions that I didn't even know existed.


SO, Dr. Lei first performed 30 minutes of acupuncture (with electric currents pulsing through the neck and back needles to help relax the pulled muscles Yell !!!) ...and then he performed an ancient form of Chinese medicine called CUPPING..... Surprised


And here is the aftermath. All I can say is, BOY OH BOY !!!! Surprised Yes, those scary looking marks will eventually go away after a few days. Yes, (hell yes) they hurt, so please don't touch my neck or I'll punch you in the throat with one of my ergonomic wrist braces, lol. And yes, I'm going to look very much like a circus sideshow freak in my open-backed dress at this upcoming Blogalicious conference.


BUT.... I have a feeling this just might work.

Stay tuned for my next update with even MORE PICTURES from this session (that I'm still a little too sore to post right now), plus I'll give you more info on my doctor and the entire process...

Until then, wish me luck!


TO BE CONTINUED...........


(And if you missed it, see how I ended up in this whole mess HERE.)


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