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For People With Misophonia, a Chomp or a Slurp May Cause Rage
Written by Toy   
May 22, 2012
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Noisy Eaters

According to The New York Times, those who are severely annoyed in the presence of noisy eaters may go far beyond a simple pet peeve. It could possibly be a diagnosable illness called misophonia!

Ya know.... I REALLY think they're on to something with this whole "misophonia" thing! I can't tell you HOW BADLY I want to flip into a FACE-PUNCHING FRENZY when I'm around people who make sloppy noises while they eat... or chew gum.... or breathe......... ARRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHH!!

There's a plethora of other annoying noises I cannot STAND, which makes it tres difficult to live in a crowded place like New York City rather than an isolated soundproof chamber in the middle of space. :) And here I was thinking I needed an attitude adjustment and some better anger management all this time. What I might really need is a hypnotist & some MEDS! Wow!Foot in mouth


Does any of this sound familiar? Think you could you be suffering from misophonia too?

Read more about misophonia here.


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