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Alice In Wonderland...in JAMAICA?!
Written by Toy   
June 06, 2012
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I know this is kinda random but... you remember the story of "Alice In Wonderland", right?

Ok. Well have you ever had four glasses of Riesling when your limit is two and thenwondered how it might've played out if, (rather than Wonderland), Alice had fallen into a rabbit hole that landed her in, say....

....a living room in Jamaica? Hmmm.....

And then, instead of throwing back that 40-oz of magic shrinking potion like a true OG with a bottle of "Old E" drinking the magic shrinking potion, she would have drank.....say....












.....a tall glass of Patra?

Hmmm... I wonder...

*eerie dream sequence music* ------------> (UH oh.) (Here goes.....)









[*abrupt eerie dream sequence music end to sound of record scraaaaaaaatching*]


I've never wondered either. Wink



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