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You Know You're A Nerd When... (The Friday Night Edition)
Written by Toy   
September 07, 2012
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You know you're a total nerd when the highlight of your entire Friday is:

...the mailman knocking on your door to hand you the box containing your plush, new Brookstone E-pad lapdesk!!! (And all for the low, low cost of just $20 bucks including shipping & handling, courtesy of eBay!!!!)

*wild applause, confetti, ticker tape parade*

(Yes, that's HALF-OFF the regular $39.99 price tag... WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!)




Removing your precious cargo from the irrelevant 1-800-Birthday shipping box, you hold it proudly overhead like Simba....basking. Fully aware that it's not your birthday, you do not care....as you are completely engrossed in the fact that no un-birthday has ever felt better.

Then while baptizing your new $20 wood-veneered lapdesk in the name of Nerdom (with holy water and splashes of Lemon Pledge), you fantasize about spending every waking moment forward with it: On the floor... in the bed... on the couch... in the park....in the tub....on a boat...



And then, a single tear falls.


You feel mighty and empowered as your new lapdesk has silently pledged to stand and support you in carrying out all future fun and mundane tasks...  From bill pay, to e-flirting, to surfing and navigating the treacherous waves of social media and the general interwebs, to.... why yes, writing this VERY blog post that you're reading right now.

So thank you, Mr. Mailman. Thank you, eBay. And thank you, Brookstone Epad.

What a wonderful start to a Friday night. #NerdLife


**Now, Brother Franklin, please do us the honor and lead us in wild, deluxe Dougie Dancing to help us celebrate this monumentous occasion. <<--Shall we? :)


p.s. If you didn't, you might REALLY want to go back and click that last link there, trust me!! LOL!!!


Happy Friday Night! Wink



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