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READ !!!!
Written by Toy   
July 29, 2012
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Bookcases turn me on (in case you haven't noticed). Here are some of the coolest bookcases ever created! I'm sure you'll agree.

READ bookshelf

[photo by Kim Yokota]

Absolutely loving this "READ" bookshelf, located at NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) department store in Stockholm Sweden!!!! How could you not?!




Read Your Book Case shelf

These amazing wooden letter shelves by Saporiti blew my mind! Each shelf contains a different letter... YES... so you can stack them together to form words!

*Nerd swoon*

OH. Or you can place them individually and they'll stand alone. You know.... just in case you can't spell. Undecided

(Dictionary anyone??)




Tatik bookcase

Tatik's super dope chair and bookcase combo!! I'm curious about the comfortability, but the creativity alone is a WIN!  Just think, you wouldn't even have to get up when your short attention span forces you to choose a totally new book, right in the middle of the first one.

Wait-- I mean... not that I'd do that... That'd be silly.Embarassed

I was talking about a friend. *whistling*




Just doesn't get much funkier than these circular cardboard bookcase designs by DorNob, does it? Nahhh. Nope. Not even.





Tangram bookshelves

Daniele Lago's Tangram shelves! Comes in 7 pieces that you can configure into different shapes to fit your mood. FRESHHHH!!!! Laughing




I've never seen anything like this before. So interesting that I probably wouldn't even put books on it.

I'd sit in it. Wearing a crown. And paint my nails.




Console Creative shelf

Stunning Console bookcase.

True... maybe ONLY a skeleton could get super comfortable on that, but the spectacular design makes it SO worth having.

**** 4 stars! ****



Rolling bookcases

Rolling. bookcases.

122 cm in diameter of pure polypropylene bliss, AND they come in a range of colors including pink and green.

Yes. And yes.

OK... full out nerdgasm here....  And on that note, I'm gonna have to conclude this post until next time.

Big thanks to CreativeFan.com for fattening up our Nerd P*rn stash. ;)


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