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The "Phone Stack" Challenge!!!
Written by Toy   
August 20, 2012
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Phone Stack
Who wants to play me in a game of PHONE STACK??! ;)

You know, the game where you and your friends stack all of your cell phones in the middle the table before dinner to prove how non-addicted to technology you are.... and the first to pick up their phone to answer a call or text pays for dinner!
Yes. COOL!

While my cell phone is quite arguably the best friend I've ever had, (and I'm seriously considering having it's image tattooed inside my right palm so that it will always be a part of me)... DO let me warn you...

...I would SO order 16 lobsters, unlimited fillet mignon, and an exquisite 300-year old wine on your azz to totally teach you a lesson on cell phone table etiquette, at your own expense. :)
That's right, dinner on YOU.  I will NOT lose.

[Image: NYDailyNews.com]



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