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Soap Knuckles?!
Written by Toy   
February 20, 2012
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Ever stood next to someone whose funk was SO RIPE that you wanted to PUNCH them in the face...

...with a bar of soap???!

Well, here's your chance! That's right.... good ol' Soap Knuckles!

PURE Genius, right?  ;-)

Except..... when I clicked here to purchase a few dozen for those summer NYC subway rides, I found they're no longer for sale...

Oops, sorry. False advertising.

Umm.... err... *looks for a distraction*


...So, how about one of these extremely cool iPhone "Knucklecases" instead?

*Talking LL Cool J Face sold separately*


Custom LL Cool J iPhone Brass Knucklecase

(Good save, Toy...)

You're welcome!


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