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Bookcase Configurator App
Written by Toy   
July 27, 2012
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Apple's free Bookcase Configurator App puts the power to design the bookcase of your dreams, right at your fingertips!

Transform every nook and cranny of your space into a perfectly-designed showcase of your literary pearls with these nifty modules, all from your iPad or iPhone. Afterwards, simply email your design to a local Bookcase dealer, then sit back and wait to be the envy of all nerdkind.

Download it free from the Apple site.

You're welcome. :)

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E-Bitch & Moan !!!!
Written by Toy   
July 14, 2012
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Hey Look! It's my NEW BFF, VENTNATION !

It's the app that will listen to you whine, biach, moan, confess, complain, obsess,talk smack, cry, fall out & die then get back up, rant, rage, fume, stew, be paranoid, be pissed, get skurred, ante up, have a crush, get over it, act stank, act a fool and STILL LOVE YOU IN THE MORNING! :-)


AND... it won't then turn around & tell all of your business the minute it's pissed at you! ;-D

Sign up now & get $50 OFF your first psychiatric hospital stay AND a free customized jacket w/ a lotta buckles (which was all the rage at Fashion Week, by the way) :-|


More at: http://www.ventnation.com/

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