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Price Tags That Made Me Gag!?
Written by Toy   
September 05, 2012
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$200 Pillow

Yesterday I was strolling through Bed Bath & Beyond, looking for a new pillow that wouldn't feel like I was sleeping on a pile of rocks, sticks, and Pillsbury biscuit cans, when suddenly I came across this pillow and had an epiphany... CLEARLY, I'm in the wrong damned business!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm about to get myself a truck full of feathers and start making pillows... Effective IMMEDIATELY!

$200 For ONE damned pillow????!! (*_*)





Sorry for my profanities, but... DAMN AGAIN! $200 For ONE damned pillow????!! (*_*)

That thing better make my breakfast, iron my thongs, AND sing me lullabies in 17 different languages every night... oh, AND a few other things I won't say here (just in case my mother reads this... Hi Mom.)

:-/ I'm not cheap. I'm just saying.

And speaking of other things that cost WAY more than they should for no apparent reason...

You won't believe...

Bug Purse


...this crazy "purse?!" (wtf) at TJ Maxx..... with the $999.99 price tag?! o_O

Yes, THIS purse.... The oddly-shaped green leaf one... with the random 5-legged glitter, bedazzled grasshopper cockroach bug wearing a grass hula skirt and lei on it. O_O

No, it's not a typo on the tag--I asked. FYI, $999.99 is just the sale price.

Hey, maybe I just don't know fashion but I'm still trying to figure this one out. There weren't even any compartments inside to hold your money.... there was no diamond-embedded lining with gold flakes, no spare life-saving emergency body parts included. Not even a simple label inside to explain it's value. All I know is for that price, they could've at LEAST given the poor cockroach another glitter leg.  Man, I don't know. Just doesn't feel right. (-_-)


I know you're still in disbelief over this one and you need a second look, so here you go. Take your time, I'll wait:


Bug Purse 2

Yep. Hide ya Raid, folks..  Sh*t just got real.



BBB toothbrushes

Which brings me to these nearly $200 toothbrushes... also found in Bed Bath & Beyond. (Surprise!) :)

Unless these come with my own personal live-in elf to brush them for me thrice a day while I focus on more important things, I think I'll just stick with my 99-cent Scooby Doo toothbrush from Duane Reade. Now I know what you're thinking--teeth ARE important. But for all the trouble we go through, I figure hey, they're just going to fall out anyway, eventually...so...

And with the money I'll save by not buying these expensive toothbrushes, I can just get myself some dentures in about 40 years. See how that all just worked itself out?

I mean, who actually needs teeth anyway.. (or bug purses.... or pillows even.) They're just too expensive. :-|


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