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Ketchup Sale FAIL.
Written by Toy   
September 11, 2012
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Ketchup Sale

Or......umm..... how about I just buy 1 for $1.00?

K thanks. :-|

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Bears Stuck in Trees = Breaking News FAIL
Written by Toy   
April 14, 2012
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Bear Stuck In Tree


"BREAKING NEWS: BEAR STUCK IN TREE" .................................Surprised

[record scraaaaaaatch]

Wait... Say WHAT?

Ummm, naw.

Isn't this actually kinda normal... you know, in a NOT LIVE BREAKING MIDDAY NEWS from Newscopter Live kinda way???? Foot in mouth

Ok, maybe if said bear was "stuck" in a pair of way-too-small size 8 Narrow stilletto platforms and a patent leather corset in an East Village drag costume shop....   Now THAT would be breaking news.

But  "stuck" in A TREE??! NAW...

Last time I checked, that's kinda what bears DO.

Ain't that what bears DO???

You be the judge.. Click here for the video. Oh, and and try not to yawn too loudly. [*waits for you to watch*]

Good, you're still awake. Now I love the animals just as much as the next man.. but seriously...did anything about that look like exciting, newscopter worthy live breaking news to YOU?

OK maybe it was just a wee bit important. I did just take the time to write a blog post about it. Oh well. Ok. Nevermind.

FILE UNDER: #SMH #SlowNewsDaymuch?

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"Snoopy" the Friendly Facebook Stalker
Written by Toy   
January 07, 2012
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Don't try this at home, boys and girl.  If so, you may get un-friended. And by un-friended, I mean PUNCHED... with a brick... in the faceUndecided

Thank you for watching!

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