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DANCE BATTLE: "Good Times" Michael Evans vs. "Soul Train" Ralph Carter
Written by Toy   
January 12, 2012
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So first and foremost--

What in the James & Florida Evans hell is MICHAEL Evans doing on Soul Train-- and WHY wasn't I informed!!? Surprised

I had NO idea that Michael-- er, Ralph Carter was actually a mini-Michael Jackson, singing and performing in stage plays, making records, and even appearing on Soul Train outside of his role as Michael Evans on Good Times!

And yes he could really sing, but, why is this still SOOOO funny to me??!

First, check out this mildly sedated version of "When You're Young and In Love" performed by Ralph Carter here on Soul Train:


Now... Raise your hand if you remember this episode....

SEE THAT?????!!  ...Somehow, when I watch the Soul Train version I feel CHEATED!

HOW COME he didn't give us this same Kid'N'Play/hopscotch/Dougie breakdown in the Soul Train version that he blessed us with at 1:32! Why weren't we good enough??!

[Sidenote: LMAO at James Evans around 1:14... And poor Florida sitting there about to bust into a punch bowl breakin' FIT through the entire song, HAHAA!!!]

Le sigh. Michael Evans... you'll always be my little militant singing/dancing boyfriend machine in my head.


#damnDamnDAMN!! #TeamMichaelEvans #datboyGOOD Wink


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