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Written by Toy   
September 13, 2012
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Dream BABY Girl!

This video = PURE HILARIOUSITY!!!!!! If you've seen it before, then you already know exactly why this little lady deserves a PERMANENT spot in my blog life!

You gotta give her a minute to warm up and get into it... But boy, once she does IT'S A WRAP! Prepare to have your day made (and your pants wetted) .... or your money back!

Oh wait, I forgot...

I'm entertaining you FOR FREE so.........Yeah.

LIKE IT, or leave! lol





AND because I'm such a doll, I've made Cliffs Notes so you can follow along. You're welcome!


Cliffs Notes:

0:00-1:34 The Warm Up

1:35-1:54 The GO IN

1:55-2:46 The Zone Out

2:58-3:05 Miniature Diva Spirit-Channeling

3:05-3:22 Jennifer Holiday/Jennifer Hudson Out-of-Body Experience/Total Body Takeover

4:12-4:30 SOMEBODY PLEASE give this baby an Oscar, a Grammy and a Juice Box!!! BRAVISSIMA!!!!!!!!!

4:50--       And an AGENT!!!!!! :)

*throws teddy bears, miniature roses (and business cards) at her* :)


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