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Angel In Disguise? (Part 1)
Written by Toy   
June 25, 2012
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Angel In Disguise? (Part 1)
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Toy & Joseph


I saw my friend Joseph last Friday. I took this picture because I never know if   or when I will see him again.He's homeless. Two years ago, this man helped change a part of me like you wouldn't imagine.

I first met him about 10 years ago, walking around in midtown one freezing winter night with my friend Anthony (Hamilton)--who's probably one of the kindest, most generous souls I know--so when Anthony introduced me to "his friend, Joseph" I knew the guy had to be special...



Anthony spotted Joseph on the corner, and convinced him to come inside for coffee before taking him next door to buy a winter coat. Joseph was very thankful... and he had honest eyes. He didn't say very much, but he nodded often. And he never smiled and rarely made eye contact, but you always knew he was listening. His spirit (and their friendship) touched me, and I often wondered after that night how Joseph was. Anthony's career took off soon after, and I didn't get to see or speak with him much anymore to ask. I did happen to see Joseph a few more times over the years though, crossing the street carrying his things. His passings were quick and always random, and I was always very happy inside that he was ok, but I was usually too nervous and afraid to approach and say hi for some reason...I don't know why. And he always made it easy not to, because he never made eye contact...


Fast Forward: September '08, I'm walking through midtown again. I'd been working on new music, had just finished two video game gigs, and I was JUST walking out of a recording session for a fantastic gig as Live Show Announcer for the UNCF's Tribute to Patti Labelle. My career was going fine. I was healthy. My family was healthy. Life was fine! Nothing to complain about-- except the fact that I still felt like I wasn't "where I was suppose to be" in life and feared I would never "get there". Despite many accomplishments, I still felt like I wasn't doing enough. I still didn't have "the platform" to share from, or "the team" to support me & my vision, nor had I "made my mark" that would validate my so-called arrival into "the big leagues"... (wherever that's located, LOL....)   As I preceded to repeat these so-called deficiencies over and over in my head, beating my spirit down, I turned the corner and there was Joseph coming towards me (head down of course). Before I knew it I blurted out "HI JOSEPH!", but he kept walking and never looked up. THAT was just the kick in the face I needed to continue my personal roast... except two blocks later, he ran up behind me and tapped my shoulder!


He explained that he heard my greeting but wasn't use to being acknowledged, so he hadn't known what to say. He introduced himself, but I reminded him that we'd met years before through a friend, Anthony. His face LIT UP! I didn't say another word, just reached in my pocket to hand him some change, but he STOPPED my hand. Then he looked me in the eyes and started TALKING....



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