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Do Thorns Have Roses... Or Do Roses Have Thorns?
Written by Toy   
November 14, 2012
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Toy smells roses


I know this may sound a bit over-the-top... but some mornings as I wake up and start to make breakfast I get a little teary-eyed, just because I AM SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. For some periods of my life, I can vividly remember (going to bed and) waking up teary-eyed every morning for a much different reason...


It was because during those times, ALL I could think about when I would open my eyes were all of the things that I perceived to be 'wrong' in my life.Nowadays, it's not that my life is entirely perfect. The difference is that I have surrendered myself to releasing 'what's wrong'. I give myself permission to be ok. Rather than numbing or abandoning myself in painful places, I stand up and face where my spirit has been broken, and I create the space for it to be repaired. Nowadays, I do the work to ensure that my mind is being renewed and that my soul is feeling whole. Now, I actively participate in my healing.

My mind's view of life now is much different from where I once stood. I understand that even if I am unable to change the circumstances, I always have the power to change my mindI know that from the sprouts of tiny seeds of intention planted within my mind, new leaves of life begin to grow!


When surveying your life's garden, do you worship the weeds or marvel at the buds? If buds you seek, then buds you will find... and surely you won't see the roses for the thorns. But if you begin to tend to your garden from a different perspective, you'll wake up one day and start to wonder...

DO THORNS HAVE ROSES... or do roses have thorns?


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