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Written by Toy   
October 04, 2012
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Over the last few days, I've been surrounded by other people's greatness and the great news and happenings that tend to come along with it!

I saw a friend win a free iPad at the Blogalicious '12 conference just for being great (ok..I was a little jealous, lol! Tongue out)... Another was offered two apparel sponsorship deals based on a great pic of her super creative outfit that someone tweeted (woah & wow! Surprised) ....One of the fab founders of the conference had a great interview featured on BlackEnterprise.com (Wink woot!)... And today, my bestie found out that one of her great blog posts had just been printed in a magazine (Laughing yay!) And trust me, I'm only scratching the surface!!! All of it just made me realize how much I love to see people succeed!

Seeing others be rewarded and successful encourages me... It is empowering, and it reinforces my belief that hard work and good intentions are not in vain. It gives me even more hope and it renews my faith and persistence, knowing that if I keep at it, one day I will be rewarded too..

I've learned that being genuinely happy when someone else is doing well means you subconsciously believe the same energy and abundance is ready and available for you too! How so? Because we are all ONE!

But, if you do have a hard time being happy for others, I don't think it qualifies you as a "hater" (eww...hate that word)... I think it is merely a sign of your own energy BLOCKAGE. It simply says that there is an area within where you need to be cognizant, be reminded, be convinced, and/or reassured of your OWN greatness. Only then do you realize that others' successes and greatness is just a mirror reflection of what also lies in YOU!


Sounds good, right? Right!

Hey, I'm no Iyanla Vanzant but I'm just sayin....if you didn't know....

You ARE great.. and you GOT this.

Now go BE GREAT! :)



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