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On Following Your Path and Purpose...
Written by Toy   
June 29, 2012
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During a conversation the other day about "realizing your purpose" and "staying on your path", someone said to me:

"I always wonder if I should try to stay on my current path. I know people always advise you to persevere.... but sometimes you persevere and it's just not the path He has for you. How do you know when the trials you face are a sign to give up?"


Path & Purpose

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My answer:

"I believe it's all perspective... I say you should follow your PURPOSE FIRST and THE PATH WILL APPEAR. I believe that your God-given purpose defines your path (via a series of decisions/actions followed out by you). When you are clear on (and secure in) your purpose and you are pursuing it to the best of your abilities, then you are on your path.. and when you are on your path, you FEEL that alignment. Once you really feel it for the first time, you can also feel it when you get off path... When you commit (a decision) to staying in your purpose & following the path that your purpose lays, I don't think there is ever a "sign" to give up.. only a DECISION to. We only make that DECISION to give up when we feel confronted or defeated by what we perceive as a trial or an obstacle. It's when we question our purpose/calling that we question whether to stop.

When you are connected to your purpose, there is literally a PULLING in you, like in your GUT... and even if you become disheartened because you feel that you can't overcome the obstacles, and you've persevered but nothing is working, and you do decide to quit-- the purpose never goes away. You've just left the path! :) As hard as it gets and as much as we want to quit, if we DO, I think it's only a TEMPORARY "relief" when we do. That pulling inside never totally dies, no matter what you do, because it's THE REASON why you're here... why you were made!:) You never feel like you're done with it, even when you quit. So, keep in tune with your PURPOSE and your path will be laid. Remember that paths can take all kinds of twists and turns, but if you're in tune with and following your PURPOSE, then that path will always lead you somewhere. It will never leave you lost in the end."

What do you think? How can you tell when you're on the right path, or not?


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