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Red Velvet Waffles!!!
Written by Toy   
September 06, 2012
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Red Velvet Waffles


Yep, I said it.  RED. VELVET. WAFFLES.

These rich, decadent beauties with cream cheese icing, made fresh at Harlem's Society Cafe were beyond heavenly and divine!



Honestly, it was almost too much for even ME to handle... Richer than the Rockefellers and sweet as a honeypot, these make for the perfect dessert to complement a small meal and the perfect indulgence if you feel like betraying your smartphone's calorie counter app.

Unfortunately, Society Cafe closed in October 2011, but you can find similar adventures in tastiness at Brooklyn's Soco restaurant!  (I sure plan to, so stay tuned for my next Red Velvet Waffle review!!!)

Meanwhile, try this Red Velvet Cream Cheese Pecan Butter and Toasted Coconut Syrup recipe at home.

And save one for me! :)


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