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18 Canned Foods I'd Rather Eat My Own Toe Jam Than Eat
Written by Toy   
March 07, 2012
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By now, you 've probably gathered that I'm quite fond of new and exciting foods, and very open to trying new things.

HOWEVER... There are most definitely exceptions to the notion.  For one, (in my opinion) some things are not meant to be canned. And in those extreme cases where I may be placed in a situation where I'm forced to eat any of the following finds, I would elect to eat a very large bowl of my very own toe jam... or starve.


Scroll through and click on pics from this unusual compilation of "delicacies" from across the globe... BOY OH BOY!!!!


  1. Canned Fried Chicken (No comment)
  2. Canned "WTF?! " (Seriously bro, I don't know what that was.)
  3. Creamed Armadillo on the Halfshell (Because it's all about the presentation.)
  4. Canned Armadillo Meat (Just because...sometimes you get tired of regular ol' meatballs in your spaghetti.)
  5. Canned Bacon
  6. Canned Buzzard
  7. Canned Cheeseburger (McDonald's who?)
  8. Canned Eel
  9. Canned Gator
  10. Canned Pork Brain
  11. Canned Herring (Doesn't sound too horrible... but did you see that PICTURE?! Yecch!)
  12. Canned Possum
  13. Canned Reindeer Pate
  14. Canned Silkworm
  15. Canned Rattlenake
  16. Canned Squid
  17. Canned Whole Chicken
  18. Canned BBQ Bamboo Worms


Source: Food Network Humor

[If you own the copyright to any of these photos and would like them removed or linked/credited, please contact us.]


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