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TOY !!!


I'm TOY !!! Holmes.

I'm a singer/songwriter, voiceover actor, "mini-philanthropist", and now...a blogger.

Just so you know-- I talk a lot.

Actually, I talk a WHOLE lot...

...and you can't make me shut up. :)

Someone somewhere in the shadows of my childhood should have known this blog would happen. If not, then the 20K+ tweets and daily Facebook posts over the last five years might’ve been a tiny hint. :)

Now with a family of roughly 10,000 friends/fans/followers/subscribers collectively, I'm excited to finally have an official open space to go FIRE CRACKIN' HELL-FIRE FOOL, all without having to respect anyone's newsfeeds or Twitter timelines (although it's bound to still happen, lol)... a place where I am free to be as longwinded and random as my heart desires... And most of all, a place where I will no longer have to wade through daily high-heeled sneaker wall posts and party flyers to post a rant. (YAY!)

I'll update this section again later... but for now, here's a quick rundown of what to expect...

On this blog, I’ll:

Talk as much as I want. As loudly as I want. About anything I want. Whenever I want. However I want. Just because I want to.

At times, I'll speak in perfect, grammatically correct English. Or, sometimes slang. With lots of ellipses..... and---dashes. And random exclamations!!!!!!! (And if I catch another language tutorial deal on Living Social and brush up a bit, I might throw in a little Spanish too.)

Sometimes I’ll be a smart-azz. Sometimes serious. Sarcastic. Snarky. Other times, sympathetic. Sensitive. Ridiculous. Sensible. Or sappy. Or silly. Or reflective.

Straightforward. Long-winded. Random.

I'll use analogies to get my point across. A parable here and there. Or I might throw in a flow chart. Or a pie graph.

I might even pull out a protractor, an abacus, and a calculator to make my point....

...and it still may not add up. :-\


Point is-- I'm just here to express, to vent, to share, to entertain, to motivate, and to inspire other flamboyant, quirky little long-winded souls like me to tell their stories, and to use their VOICES the best way they know how...

I'll start by using mine.

This is my blog, TALKAHOLICA !!!

And I hope you like it. :)


-TOY !!!


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